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The Doctor Of Philosophy In Theology (Divinity)

The PhD in Theology (Divinity) teaches students to succeed as a theologian. As a theologian, students will engage with difficult passages in the Bible, wrestle with the big religious issues of the day, and examine how the Church in the past interpreted scriptures. Careers include Seminary, Pastor, Church history, Church operations and Theology.

What you will learn



HR Manager, Administrative Manager, CEO, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Business Investor.

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At TIMFA Christian University, our mission is to identify, recruit, empower, educate, equip, and commission men and women with passion and calling to serve God and humanity as they fulfil their life purpose.

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  • Non-Refundable Application Fees: $50
  • Tuition: $7020 ($780 per 5-Credit hours course)
  • Dissertation Fees: $2000
  • Graduation Fees: $700

Degree Curriculum

  • Theological Design for Transformative Ministry
  • Practical Methods, Bible Lesson Preparation
  • Dispensation Law Grace
  • Dispensation Law Grace