TIMFA Christian University

Timfa Christian University Is Hosting Her Summer Intake Virtual Open House Event!

Free E-Books For All That Attend & A Chance To Get A Scholarship!

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of educational discovery! You are personally invited to an exclusive Open House event at TIMFA Christian University, where we are committed to transforming your passion into a successful pursuit through the power of online Christian education

Free Registration Available: https://bit.ly/tcumay

Date: 21 April

Venue: Zoom (Online)

Please be advised of the different time zones and take advantage of this exciting event.


  • CST 1 PM
  • Ghana & UK 6 PM
  • Nigeria & Cameroon 7 PM
  • South Africa 8 PM
  • Kenya 9 PM

Go On To Familiarize Yourself With Our Campus:


Or contact us on whatsapp: https://bit.ly/TCUGroup

Please endeavor to be punctual.

Note: to qualify for a scholarship you must have applied to TCU.